A Healthy Documentary, Finally!

June 2, 2010

I am frequently complaining about how some of the movies available for us are horrendous in terms of healthy images and healthy messages… and they are usually horrendous in terms of these things. 

However, I must share with you a documentary airing on Public Television about Black people in the military throughout American history called:  For Love of Liberty:  The Story of America’s Black Patriots.   It was outstanding.  It weaves our contributions to the US Military to our overall history in this country, brilliantly.  What stood out to me about it were two things: 

1) that they use a great deal of the real words of military men from letters they had written to family, and

2)  how much was missing from my education.  And I am somebody who seeks out African and African American education. There is so much rich information here.

 This is potent stuff.  Well done and clear.  Apparently, this was a ten-year undertaking for Louis Gossett Jr and his collaborators.  It was well worth the wait.

Run,  Don’t Walk to your computer and find the schedule at:  forloveofliberty.org

I think they are selling the video at that website for $20.00.  If you missed the viewing in your area, I would recommend you buy it if you are able.  Watch it with your children.  I would say it is appropriate for ages as young as 12.

If you’ve already seen it, I’d love to hear what you think.

One Response to “A Healthy Documentary, Finally!”

  1. yoy50 said

    I love a good documentary especially one that fills in the ‘blanks’ on Black history! I plan to watch this ASAP!

    I’d like to add a food for thought– the best way for us to know about our lost history is to talk to our older relatives. I’ve been to a few family reunions and I’m amazed that the younger generations barely has time to offer a kiss to a great-great grandmother/father rather than to listen to their experiences. I’ve been saying for years– we all have a “Rosa Parks” in our family if only we take the time to talk to our elders. I soaked up every thing my grandparents had to share before their passing.

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