Paul Mooney

August 9, 2010

I must say that I was quite shocked when I mentioned to a friend that I was going to see Paul Mooney at Caroline’s in NYC last night and they said: “Who is Paul Mooney?”

Paul Mooney has been around for eons, but he does not lose his edge or his relevance. He is a living legend in my opinion.   He has always done stand-up, but was also a writer for and featured performer on The Richard Pryor Show back in the day.  He has written for many comedy shows since that time including In Living Color, but I think he may have gotten a whole new fan base with his performances on Chappelle’s Show, and particularly the “Ask a Black Dude” skits.

He has the best job because he is a comedian and can get away with saying stuff that many people don’t or won’t say.  He is in your face and everybody else’s face about racism, and self-hatred.  Last night he was talking about how many Caucasians deny their African ancestry and he encouraged them to do DNA tests.  He amplifies issues that we deal with everyday but most of the time don’t talk about.   In this case, in so many ways race is meaningless, and outward appearance is powerful. He also talked last night about what it would really be like in America if Black people were never here.  He uses a great deal of foul language, and has some bouts of darkness but I am not about to throw the Mooney out with the bath water. 

The Huffington Post interviewed him several months ago and this interview is worth checking out, BUT I will say if he is coming anywhere near your town anytime soon, go see this brother.  You will laugh like crazy, but you will also think, A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He also has a new book out: “Black is the New White”  which I cannot wait to get my hands on.

2 Responses to “Paul Mooney”

  1. E said

    I saw him the same night. He was off the hook! The language was raw. The comedy, hilarious. The message, deep and thought provoking.

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