Make it Plain Went to BlogTalkRadio Last Night

September 18, 2010

On the show “United We Stand as a United Front”  which is a program that confronts beliefs about life in America so that you may live consciously, Make it Plain made an apprearance to discuss issues such as:  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the increasing rates of suicide amongst military personnel,  along with mental health in the Black community, including access to care.  Take a listen!

The following websites were referenced during our discussion:

2 Responses to “Make it Plain Went to BlogTalkRadio Last Night”

  1. yoy50 said

    Maaan… you read my mind! I was just going to write a note to ask for links to update our wonderful talk on blogtalk! I do look forward a part 2 for our next show!

    After actually listening to the show tonight, I think I did over-talked you too much via how it was recorded! I promise to work through that before our next talk (nervous jitters gets me every time- smiles) along with finding a good locale for the recording! But in my humble opinion– I think we did a great service for those who may find us!! 🙂

    I thought it was a super great show so I can’t thank you enough for your participation and helping so many who will hear us! You ROCK, Dr. Arrington! My heartfelt love to you! Continued success along with doing the good service that you are to help O’ so many!

    Very best regards,


    • yoy50 said

      Oh yeah… for those who find this post– I mentioned a time (or two) that Dr. Arrington should host a show on her own! Great voice, facts in place and I can certainly envision her (ABSOLUTELY) hosting a show on her own!

      Hey– I just got off the phone with a friend in Djibouti so I was up and thought I’d jot this note as well. Peace, love and happiness to each and all.

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