One of A Kind

February 18, 2012

In my opinion there are just a few singers in modern history that are great.  They are great because they seem to transcend time, space and genre.  You can be taken to another place just listening to them.  These voices are very rare.  My list goes like this:

Louis Armstrong

Ella Fitzgerald

Billie Holiday

Frank Sinatra

Stevie Wonder

Whitney Houston


3 Responses to “One of A Kind”

  1. yoy50 said

    Hi there, lady! Long time, I know– lots of changes and hiccups too in my world. 🙂

    Love the choices for this post but I wanted to add two of my personal favorites: Aretha Franklin and the great Chaka Khan with her wide range of vocals. I hope to be in touch with you real soon (by the way).

    Miss the radio show and it’s certainly time for another chat (hopefully soon) about these soldiers who are falling deeper into a tailspin of mental depression.


    • Hey YOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Missed ya. Yes, was way too busy and overwhelmed but much better now. Incidentally, I saw Aretha Franklin live last week. She was phenomenal. I’m talking goosebumps phenomenal. And I also love love love Chaka. I struggled with the two of them as well as Luther Vandross. I think I will stick with the list as it is and they will be my runners up.

    • And yes. We definitely need to check in about the troops. When I hear about the “treatment” they receive to help with these issues, I am shocked and disappointed that we cannot do better by these people out there risking their lives. Let’s talk soon.

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